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Is there a difference between a web site and a web app?  Sometimes the lines blur and a portion of a web site focuses on serving customers, vendors or employees to give them business functions or access to data, and that is what TechEvents has as its primary focus.  We create web apps that are visually appealing, convey key information in intuitive but not necessarily textual ways, and are amazingly easy to use.  Our experience across a wide range of business types has enabled us to take a fresh look at what your goals and objectives might be, and to tease out substantial products that far exceed the original goals and objectives.

Our web apps are built using modern technologies.  For example, they scale from smartphone screens to tablets to huge monitors and have a native platform feel to them.  We use appropriate database technologies (SQL to NOSQL) that leverage the app for expansion and re-use of data.  We include display technology that automatically updates pages when conditions warrant without the need to refresh.  Our web apps work equally well on a variety of browsers and OS platforms.

In the technologies underlying our web apps, we include multi-tenant architecture.  If that is not a familiar term, it refers to a single business entity having multiple and independent logons along with other business entities having their own. Think of an online accounting system.  There is just a single hosting site (although physically it may be spread out but invisible to you) and host many different companies.  If your web apps call for customer or vendor support, you should easily  see why this is a critical piece that must be designed from the outset.

And of course costs.  Our development tools and staff are experts at both the technical and business side of things, so you get a team that is extremely talented.  And fast.  You won’t have to wait for months to see your app take shape and our process involves you at each step.  We build a <b>MVP</b> – Minimum Viable Product – so that key and necessary features come first.  You then can elect how much further we go and what we concentrate on.  Our goal is to progress from first meetings to a MVP in a few months of elapsed time.

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